(Ages 6 and Up)

The Level System-

Our classes are on a levels system that is similar to a belt system in Martial arts. We have decided to go this route to make sure each student has all the basics of each level before moving on to something harder. Unlike Martial Arts we will not have belts, but different colored wristbands for each level. In order to get into a new level you must pass your current level's test. A test can be taken at anytime or if one of our instructors thinks you're ready to be promoted. There are a total of 5 levels to this system. Schedule a placement test or start at Level 1.

  • 1 star Beginner - 5 Star expert

Levels 1- 3 will be taught throughout the week days.

What is Intro to Parkour?

Next Session begins June 6th!

Intro to Parkour is a one curriculum 6 week course with the purpose of teaching the basics of Parkour. The course will be designed as a package of a set schedule of classes. The Intro to Parkour Course will have just 10 spots a session. Spots must be reserved before each session.  For 6 and Up.

See Membership info for pricing.

Open Gyms will be held throughout the week.

New Schedule now out

 In order to participate in any of the Classes or Open gyms, a liability waiver must be signed.

If you are under the age of 18, you will need a Parent or Guardian fill it out for you.