*** Classes have a 10 Student maximum! Please Sign up online or call in at least an hour prior to class ***

(Ages 6 and Up)

The Level System-

Our classes are on a levels system that is similar to getting XP in a video game. We have decided to go this route to make sure each student can learn the basics of Parkour then be capable of leveling skills they enjoy by point system. In order to get into a new level you must pass your current level's test by obtaining a certain amount of points. A test can be taken at anytime or if one of our instructors thinks you're ready to be promoted. There are a total of 5 levels to this system with a possibility of over 500 points and to achieve!

***Please Register online or by phone before dropping in***

Fundamentals of Parkour (Level 1)-

Learn 25 of the most basic skills of Parkour. Elements of the skills involve, Jumping correctly, Falling and Landing, Getting Over Obstacles, and Strength/Balance.

Intermediate to Parkour (Level 2)-

Broaden your Parkour horizon's with more difficult maneuvers. Expand and grow on skills that you enjoy doing to earn more points in order level up.

  • Must pass Fundamentals or Intro to participate!

Flips Class (Level 2)-

Start to learn the basic flips like Back flip, Front flip, Side flip, and etc. Receive points for leveling up each flip.

  • Must pass Fundamentals or Intro to participate!

Creative Movement (Level 2)-

Each class will focus on one skill that isn't taught in flips or intermediate classes.

Advanced Movement (Level 3) -

Push further into your Parkour movement and participate in skills not taught in either the Intermediate or Flips Classes.

  • Must pass Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Flips Class to Participate!

Obstacles Courses (All Levels)-

New courses set weekly. Open to anyone!

PK Games (All Levels)-

A play on school yard games like hopscotch, hot lava, tag, dodge ball, etc. but with a parkour twist. Open to anyone!

Flow (All Levels)-

This helps students to link parkour movements together in order to create a line.

What is Intro to Parkour (Level 1)?

Next Session begins March 6th- Every Tuesday for 6 weeks

(You do not need to attend Intro to Parkour before taking Fundamentals to Parkour)

Intro to Parkour is a one curriculum 6 week course with the purpose of teaching the basics of Parkour. The skills taught in intro to parkour are the same as our Fundamentals to Parkour classes. The course will be designed as a package of a set schedule of classes. The Intro to Parkour Course will have just 10 spots a session. Spots must be reserved before each session.  For 6 and Up.

***Now Offering HomeSchool Intro to Parkour starting Wednesday April 4th!***

See Membership info for pricing.

Open Gyms will be held throughout the week.


 In order to participate in any of the Classes or Open gyms, a liability waiver must be signed.

If you are under the age of 18, you will need a Parent or Guardian fill it out for you.