" This is a wonderful Environment for kids to learn and grow. The owner is a positive mentor and instructor. I am glad we found them on facebook. My child had been leaping and jumping from play structures for a long time so I decided he needed an environment to learn the right techniques and how to land and flip." ~Brenda Ash

"Love this place and now have decided it will be so fun for my daughters 12 birthday party with nerf guns!" ~ Francine Uriarte

"12 year old boys had a blast at a birthday party! Will definitely go back!" ~ Anna Haar

"It's a super awesome place and the owner is really friendly. So much is packed into such a small space! The possibilities are endless." ~ Keat Soel

"A friend of mine's kid just had his 10th birthday party here and it was amazing. I highly recommend any parent to have their kids birthday party here if they like nerf or ninjas. Too easy"     ~ Nate Becker

"This is a great place for my really active kid. Eric is wonderful with the kids by keeping it positive."  ~Kerry Blomgren

" AIM is fantastic! Eric is incredibly encouraging with all the kids - providing a safe and fun environment. I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in parkour." ~ Brandi Roberts