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Our Mission:

Abstract In Motion is Central Oregon's first Parkour gym with the sole purpose on furthering the movement and discipline of Parkour in a safe and indoor environment.


About Parkour

The essence of Parkour can be stated simply: it is the art of overcoming obstacles as swiftly and efficiently as possible using only your body. The fundamentals include running, jumping, and climbing, and we build on these fundamentals to improve our ability to pass over, under, around and through obstacles with more complex movements. Parkour is a system of fitness training that improves strength, speed, agility, co-ordination, stamina, endurance, and precision. It offers a full-body workout at any level of experience, and improves your ability to move, to harness your confidence, to change how you see the world.


About Our Instructors

 Eric Corrales - Owner and Head Instructor

Nickname- Gorillaman

I have lived in Beautiful Bend, Oregon for 12 years and couldn't see myself anywhere else but here. I’ve been training for 11 years in Parkour and have been teaching for 8 years. I started teaching at Acrovision Sports Center in 2010 and soon after became the Parkour Director there; I left in the end of 2012. In 2012, I began teaching my own Parkour classes at Sortor Bushido Kai Karate and some tricking classes there as well. From 2013 to 2015, I used that time to build a Parkour community by doing public meet ups, private lessons, camps, and workshops.

Even though there were some hard times, I was able to overcome them and learn from them to make me into the man I am today. In the beginning, I wasn’t the most athletic of my family; actually I was the least athletic. But that started at an early age because from birth to 5ish I had severe asthma and would have asthmatic trouble if I went outside. But as soon as I truly went out; I was addicted! In 2008, my life and my passion was found, something I could be good at and enjoy to do. This was when I found Parkour! I had been trying to open up this gym for 3 years but always ran into some kind of barricade stopping me from doing so. Like with Parkour I eventually overcame that obstacle and have opened up this awesome gym!

In March of 2016, I had my first real injury and ironically it was in a foam pit at gymnastic facility. I had fractured my Talus and I didn't know what bone that was until the injury. Anyone who doesn't know it's the little bone that connects the ankle to the heal to the foot... Pretty important. I was out of commission for months and I started to regain strength in October. I had done a back flip on a table entertaining children, I landed it, stepped off the table and slipped in mud. Tore a tendon from my Talus and put me out again for months. Injury has a way to make you more humble to the little things. I have been slowly but surely allowing myself to heal over the last year and I've seen massive progress. And I plan on continuing to heal efficiently and effectively.

Through out my years, I have traveled places and met people I would not have unless I started Parkour. I am excited that now I am not only able to share my stories but I am able to bring instructors and students on some of my journey's with me. So they may find their own stories to tell.  I don't know what the future holds for me but I know any obstacle that gets thrown in my way, I will leap over it and be better than I was before. :)


Max Groh- AIM Instructor


Trust me... Max looks just like him!

Trust me... Max looks just like him!

I am 18 years old and a Senior at Bend High School and I have been training in parkour/free running for just about 3 years. I was first interested in learning flips while I was still doing Martial Arts. I was a student and a teacher at Sortor Bushido Kai Karate for many years, but I wanted to try something new and decided to try parkour. Since I started at Abstract In Motion, I have grown immensely. Although the gym is great, I love training outside. The parkour community is growing and I want to help it. I’ve loved kids and have as long as I can remember. I try to do my best to help them improve, all the while they are helping me improve as well. I hope to keep training for as long as possible!

Kyler Kramer- AIM Instructor


Nickname- Ginger Batman

I have lived in Bend my whole life, I am 14 and I am a freshman in high school and have 3 little siblings who all live in Hawaii. I have been training for 2 years now, I have been training seriously for only 1 and a half. It started with my dad showing me a parkour video of people jumping from roof to roof when I was maybe 8 or 9, I thought that was awesome. But as I got older I grew more intimidated by it and never tried it out. During spring fest a couple years ago I saw Eric, he had a station set up with his equipment. My friend Cole and I payed to stay a couple hours, at the end we both got a free pass. I have met Eric before because my step dad taught pottery at COCC and Eric was in his class. The first day I walked in was in 7th grade (2015). I was still intimidated by it until Eric showed me the ropes. I am now in 9th grade and have the amazing opportunity to become friends with the other instructors and the students. I love to help with class, I come in everyday from 3-7.

Gage Desoto- AIM Apprentice Instructor


Nickname- Tarzan

Our instructors are Certified in CPR, First Aid, and AED training as well as Heads Up Concussion Certified

Watch a video of our Parkour Instructors Below

This video showcases skills you can achieve after years of dedication and hard work. Anyone is capable of becoming great, you just need to try and continue to try!

As you can see in both of the showcased videos, we can do flips but only after we learned how successfully complete all our basic Parkour movement.