" This place is great. Great instructors, community, ingenuity, and always positive. My son who has some intellectual delays has alway been not only included but welcomed. He has made so many gains and breakthroughs it's incredible. We are very lucky to have a place like this in our town.
Sometimes they even let us old people come in and play. They don't even laugh at us! Eric and his team are the best! " ~ David Thomason

" Eric and his instructors have created an environment of helpful inclusivity mixed with just the right amount of discipline. My son Dax has been uninterested in traditional team sports, but he loves being active in a group. Parkour is exactly the kind of outlet he needs, and Eric and the other kids (Eric himself relates to the kids on their level while commanding their respect. He’s like Peter Pan to the Lost Boys) have created a community Dax is thriving in. We could not be happier.
It’s important for new members to understand that the first several classes are dedicated to learning how to fall, because falling is a given, but watching my son learn how to fall and still keep trying until he achieves his next goal is a lesson he’ll take with him forever and I’ll never tire of watching." ~Billie Carvill

" I have been going for a couple years now and have learned so much. It is a great environment, great instruction, and a great workout. All ages are welcome and encouraged. Eric is able to work with a wide range of physical limitations and always able to find ways to progress and learn. I could not recommend it more." Paige Buell

" This is a wonderful Environment for kids to learn and grow. The owner is a positive mentor and instructor. I am glad we found them on facebook. My child had been leaping and jumping from play structures for a long time so I decided he needed an environment to learn the right techniques and how to land and flip." ~Brenda Ash

"Love this place and now have decided it will be so fun for my daughters 12 birthday party with nerf guns!" ~ Francine Uriarte

"12 year old boys had a blast at a birthday party! Will definitely go back!" ~ Anna Haar

"It's a super awesome place and the owner is really friendly. So much is packed into such a small space! The possibilities are endless." ~ Keat Soel

"A friend of mine's kid just had his 10th birthday party here and it was amazing. I highly recommend any parent to have their kids birthday party here if they like nerf or ninjas. Too easy"     ~ Nate Becker

"This is a great place for my really active kid. Eric is wonderful with the kids by keeping it positive."  ~Kerry Blomgren

" AIM is fantastic! Eric is incredibly encouraging with all the kids - providing a safe and fun environment. I highly recommend this place to anyone interested in parkour." ~ Brandi Roberts